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Weight training or cardio fitness

Weight training or cardio fitness – Keiser offers both. Whether we talk about a large fitness center or a small exercise room: Keiser offers a complete range of machines. Would you like to provide the people who work out in your fitness center a way to improve their cardio fitness that cannot be matched by any other machine? To do this, Keiser offers the M5 Strider and the M3 Indoor Cycling Bike, both of which work on the basis of magnetic resistance. The comparison with conventional machines proves that Keiser plays a completely different game. It is easy to see why the M5 and M3 ranges will be extended in the near future.

Top selling indoor bike worldwide

It is clear why the M3 Indoor Cycling Bike has been sold more often than any other bike in the world. The elegant design does not take up too much space; the machine can be transported and adjusted easily. These aspects are especially important and provide advantages for fitness programs for senior citizens. Keiser offers an extensive training program (Keiser Academy) for trainers. Look at the product overview to find the machines that are right for you.

Low maintenance

The display shows you all the training information so you can understand everything easily. This is a great motivator – whether you work out at home or attend a course. The maintenance costs are very low, because Keiser has developed long-term solutions which eliminate the weak points of indoor bikes. For example, the drive chain, which could become loose, has been replaced by a non-slip running gear designed by Harley Davidson.