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Italian football club AS Roma have recently had Keiser machines in their new training camp.
Here some pictures.  

The Tottenham Hotspurs train with Keiser equipment as well. 
Enjoy some pictures here.  

German soccer club Borussia Dortmund has equipped its training room with Keiser equipment. 
Some pictures:

At Proreha Therapiezentrum in Frankfurt they are successfully training on Keiser equipment.
The installation worked out quite well!

"Timo and Sascha just finished the installation and made everything ready for use. They were extremely motivated and worked without even taking a break."

Ralf Arlinghaus, Proreha Therapiezentrum Frankfurt

The German soccer team trained for the World Cup in 2014 on Keiser equipment. The trainings facility in Brasil was also equipped by Keiser. 

The results speak for themselves!