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"At EXOS, our sole responsibility is to provide the absolute finest ethical support and results to our athletes. After extensive research, Keiser was the one company who encompassed the stringent requirements of technology and absolute quality equipment to help our athletes achieve their goals."

Mark Verstegen, founder EXOS (fka Athletes' Performance)

 "During our last two Summer Camps, we have ensured we have Keiser machines and have partnered with them to supply us with ‘pop-up’ state of the art training facilities, using their equipment. 

The support we have received from them has been outstanding and the Keiser Infinity and Air machines are quickly and easily customisable to meet individual player needs with complete control over training and power progression. We can be completely confident that our players can safely work any movements at any angle and at any speed, from controlled to explosive. I look forward to working with them again."

Simon Bitcon, Head of Strength and Conditioning, City Football Services
Manchester City Football Club